• iThèque and Chiclayo French Alliance

    Initiation of The Chiclayo French Alliance to new learning tools for French language

    iThèque is happy to offer a catalogue of cultural works based on a numerical loan. We would like to thank warmly Mr. Luis Mendoza, Director, and the teachers of French as a foreign language, and the trainers for their role in facilitating the use of this service by the students.

    The catalogue is to be used for:
    - completing the Mediatheque, Videotheque and Audiotheque physical catalogues
    - develop the organization’s efforts
    - offer the students a teaching service of both quality and efficiency
    - support self-apprenticeship of the language and of communication
    - offer a tool at the Information and Communication Technology level (ICT)
    - integrate the ICTs in the learning of French as a Foreign Language (FFL).

    iThèque numerical library together with its pedagogical partners offer a lot of cultural works with many products to animate a classroom: audio and electronic books, music, videos and games on the culture of Quebec and France through monographs and themes.

    iThèque promotes oral competency through new teaching practices at school. The platform also answers the new approaches to didactic FFL. Training will benefit from these new resources and will adapt them to the proper students.

    Teachers will be able to use in class an interactive device allowing projections on a computer screen which has an undeniable impact on the apprenticeship. Such a projection increases the students participation in a classroom and also their motivation and desire to learn. Through this method, animation techniques can be controlled and the participants’ imagination developed, facilitating the exchange between the teacher and his students.

    iThèque proposes an instrument to practice and improve the French Evaluation Test (FET) at the exam level, verifying the communication competence, would it be written or oral French in different life situations. It is a plus for all the ones who are interested in the French international world communication.

    In the ICT integration for the learning of FFL, access to iThèque as a designer of learning contents represents a very advantageous tool for the students who are motivated to continue exploring and learning a foreign language and become integrated in that culture. The French culture universe, one of the first known world-wide, is now available through iThèque’s creativity and broadcasting of many sites.

    Come and discover Quebec through its various facets and photos taken by many artists.
    31 janvier 2008

  • iTheque Latina

    IThèque gives a very warm welcome to the University Women of the Sacred Heart-UNIFE of the city of Lima, Peru. This organization is the first Latin American university within our subscribers, which has decided to subscribe to the service to offer the catalog iThèque to members of the library's Program Translation and Interpretation.

    The involvement of this institution is very important because it offers its students a catalog consisting of electronic books (ebooks), audio books, videos, music and more in French and English language. This additional service is essential to the self-learning of language through reading and listening to audio books. The goal is to train competent professionals in Translation and Interpretation Program, ensuring that their students have a communicative competence-speech, translation and interpretation in three languages: Spanish, English and French.

    IThèque proposes a great quantity of audio books which are being more and more popular around the. Within the wide variety of ebooks and audio books we have: novels, short stories, classical novels, health, spirituality, business, poetry, biographies, social sciences, and so on.
    The publishers Select, Coffragants, the Naxos USA, and the French editor Livrior and Wordiz are part of our catalog.

  • iTheque, Expand your audience...

    Dear Sir or Madam, is a brand new opportunity to expand your audience globally. iThèque offers a great space for electronic distribution (MP3, Ebooks, Audiobooks) for independent artists and Major Labels. iTheque’s ambition is to promote an eclectic blend of music and literature from emerging artists as well as established ones through the numeric loan service offer to the public library all over the world. iTheque offers an efficient means of distribution that will give your art worldwide exposure and help you to market your product to the world.

    Reacting to the challenges provided by the explosion of digital piracy, iTheque’s online distribution loan services intervenes to answer the needs of the actual arts culture in the public library’s: being distributed and promote in a transparent and fair manner that acts as a window to the world.

    The online marketing of mp3s and electronic books triggers a new interest in the artist’s creative universe. iTheque cares about all of our clients, and our web pages show highlights of the artist’s career, a full biography, a link to the artist’s official website, as well as other albums available from the artist and high quality audio samples.

    Thus, with a non-exclusive agreement, iTheque’s staff members are dedicated to maintain a profitable partnership with you. If you would like to receive further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the above coordinates.


    François Turgeon
    President iTheque World

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  • About iTheque

    ­iTheque offers the first multimedia platform of secured online loan of musical artworks, audio books, electronic books, videos and games. ­

    iTheque is a online loan service and a multimedia listening post. Both of these aspects are dynamically conducted and managed by the librarians, through interactive & user-friendly management tools, allowing them to optimize iThèque to their own good will.

    Users can enjoy going through a real virtual media library, available internally at the library or at home using any computer connected to Internet. Available artworks can be read or listened to online or can be directly downloaded. Thanks to a unique solution of digital rights management (DRM), the artworks can’t be duplicated or dubbed and after a specified period of time they can’t be consulted.

    iTheque puts forward an original cultural content of quality complementing the existing physical libraries’ catalogues.

    Via iTheque, users discover sounds, images and texts from the entire world, another way to broaden their cultural background by promoting the access to knowledge and culture.

    iTheque also offers libraries to put their own content online, creating a specific service answering to their subscribers’ demand, allowing the promotion of the local cultural scene.

    iTheque is available continuously, seven day a week, twenty-four hours a day. iTheque is a remote service of proximity: it promotes the use of the remote access by disabled people, to easily support and distribute the information by consolidating the link between the library and its subscribers.

    The iTheque Service :

    A unique online loan system.
    An online service accessible at home.
    A downloading platform.
    An interactive tool conducted and managed by librarians.
    A rich and diversified multimedia catalogue.
    A complementary content to the physical offer of the libraries.

    Take a look at some of the libraries which subcripted to iTheque:

    Médiathèque de l'agglomération troyenne
    Médiathèque de l'Alliance française de Shanghai
    Bibliothèque de Beaconsfield
    Réseau des médiathèques
    et bibliothèques de Montpellier Agglomération
    Médiathèque André Malraux de Lisieux

    You want to be on iTheque?
    It's easier than you think and its free!...

    We accept any type of format: Cd, MP3, wave, DVD and yes you can promote a home-made CD-R. You can upload your files, or send us your CD or catalogue by mail. Just fill out our submission form, and we will do the rest

    Send us your CD or DVD and also Writte to us at :

    iTheque service

    6560, avenue de l’Esplanade,
    Suite 304, Montréal, Qc.
    H2V 4L5

    email :
    Téléphone : 1-514-907-1129

    web site :

  • Some of iThèque catalogues

    Tonality Productions
    Naxos USA
    Alain Caron
    Tanya Tagaq
    Andrew David
    Beatin Fractions (Healthy boys. L.L.C)
    Bertrand Boulbar
    Carole Lussier
    CD Tempo
    Cécile Corbel
    Curura Musique
    David Bourdeaux (Law)
    DD Swank
    Drôle de goût
    Ebbanflow Productions
    Effendi Records
    Éric Daunis
    les Éditions et Productions Melodium Records
    Federico Ciminari
    Felipe Ugarte
    Fluid Mind
    François Gauthier
    Freddy Koella
    Genest-Biaggi Frederic
    Guy Trépanier
    Halbop Sarp
    Jean-Michel Manzano
    Keith Dawson
    La société Livrior
    Le Magazine Musique et Cultures Digitales
    Léo Urriolabeitia
    Les Batteux Slaques
    Les productions Elgro S.E.N.C.
    Les Proluksons Jizor
    Little Genius Entertainment
    Louis Beaulieu
    Lucky Lex

  • iThèque World

    iThèque offers the first ever multimedia platform of secured online loan created for libraries and their users. Its catalog includes musical artworks, audio books, electronic books, videos and games.

    iThèque offers online loan service and multimedia listening post. Both of these aspects are dynamically conducted and managed by the librarians. Interactive and user-friendly management tools are available, allowing users to customize the offered service.

    iTheque complements the existing physical libraries catalogues.

    Available artworks can be read or listened online or can be directly downloaded. Artworks are « chronodegradable »: they cannot be consulted after a specified period of time.

    iThèque also encourages libraries to put their own content online in order to promote the local cultural scene.

    iThèque is continuously available for everyone, from everywhere, and at any time. The platform's interactive tools allow librarians to upgrade and to consolidate the link between the library and its subscribers.

    Each customer gets a unique, customized portal that gives access to the service. The setting, hosting and maintenance of the platform and its contents are managed and taken in charge by our professional team.

    iThèque includes multiple browsing and managing tools for both users (subscribers) and managers (librarians in charge of the management and the interactivity of the service).

    These tools may vary according to the subscription terms and conditions accepted by the library.

    The main features of our multimedia platform are:

    • Optimized configuration to ease browsing and online loan.
    • A Follow-up of artistic and general news.
    • Unique identity.
    • A wide range of downloadable products.
    • Priority given to independent local scenes.
    • Renting service for downloadable products.
    • Innovating technology (Highest quality Flash).
    • « streaming » listening and viewing post.
    • Simple and ergonomic interface.
    • Elegant graphic aspect.
    • Large choice of digital products.
    • Exclusive content.
    • Various choices of package deal to fit the customers' needs.
    • Blogs, forums of discussions, appreciations and contents lists.
    • « Wiki »

    For users:

    A secured personal account: Your access to the platform is defined by a user name and a password.
    Access from distance: Any computer connected to Internet allows you to access the platform.
    A research engine: Your browsing sessions are made easier by a precise research engine created by rigorous cataloguing.
    A description card: Each artwork comes with a detailed description card.

    For managers:

    A secured managing account: Your access to the managing interface is defined by a user name and a password.
    An account managing interface: Easy to use, it allows you to create, modify or deactivate subscribers' accounts.
    Stat reports: These detailed reports allow you to follow and evaluate the service used by your subscribers.
    A communication tool: You can send messages on the platform's home page to advise and/or provide information to your subscribers.


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